The training is rigorously designed, implemented, evaluated and adjusted to meet these specific goals and learning objectives:

Emergent Leaders possess significant insight into organizational challenges and opportunities

  • Participants will develop a working knowledge of processes for determining the challenges and opportunities facing their organizations.
  • Participants will acquire methods for increasing organizational effectiveness.

Emergent Leaders have an increasing capacity for personal responsibility. They respond appropriately and effectively to conflict and interpersonal encounters.

  • Participants will tap into the powerful use of body, mind and spirit to discover and claim a more authentic self.
  • Participants will expand their capacity to navigate conflict through greater clarity of self.
  • Participants will become more effective at identifying and addressing the challenges of interpersonal dynamics.
  • Participants will increase their capacity to be fully present and available to others.

Emergent Leaders engender the development of others.

  • Participants will expand their skills in assisting others in professional and personal development.
  • Participants will gain skill to engage others in difficult conversations, thereby helping them be responsible for their own work.