Did you ever attempt to keep a toddler still? When sitting with my three-year-old granddaughter in church, I have this delusion that somehow she could be still. Perhaps one definition of a toddler is “constant motion” yet there are some rare and wonderful moments. When holding her in my arms or reading a book together, she is still. In those moments I feel like we have is a quiet and powerful human connection.


God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) I imagine that my Heavenly Father thinks of me as a frenetic toddler as I thrash about in my willful, forgetful, self-absorbed and controlling nature (this list could go on and on). Yet the invitation is there- “Be still”.


From time to time, I do have the opportunity to slow things down, to quiet my mind and to be still in the Lord. I especially enjoy being in nature and just breathing in His creation. There also is healing and restoration in just reading God’s word. When I take the time to just read it, not in preparation or study but just to listen to what God says to me in the moment.


It is in these moments of stillness and child-like wonder that I know I am being held by my Father and while reading His book, I enjoy the relationship He has established by grace in Jesus. It was on one such occasion that I wrote the poem that David Ludwig Jr. put to music. In that wonderful time of meditation I wrote, ”Hush the ghost of past regret, calm the soul of what is yet. In this moment, in this place there is abundance, simple grace.”


I pray you will respond to your Father’s invitation and plan some time to be still.


Kurt Bickel

Cornerstone Consulting

Orlando Florida

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