EL One

Rev. Daniel Bartley, Rev. Bill Beyer,  Ms. Eileen Bishop-List, Mr. Bob Boyd, Mr. Joshua Brink, Mr. Mark Brink, Rev. Suah S. Deddeh, Rev. Ed DeWitt, Dcs Robie Hillhouse, DCO Tina Jasion, Rev. Doug Kallesen, Rev. Brandon Martin, Rev. Michael Merker, Rev. Andrew T. Okai , Rev. Dean Pfeffer,  DCE  Ryan Radke, Rev. Charles Reich, Mr. Daniel Reichard, Mr. William Unverfehrt, Ms. Renee Varga, President Greg Walton, Rev. Dave Wesche, Rev. Jay Winters

EL Two

Mr. John Elliott,  Mr. Rusty Huseman, Ms. Kathy Keene, Rev. James Rockey, Mr. Michael Popp, Rev. Gene Johnson, Ms. Leslie Leonard, Ms. Julianne Wiegand, Rev. Tom Beaverson, Rev. Joe Adams

EL Three

Rev. Dennis Bartels, Mr. Donald Bergwall, Rev. Adam Ellsworth, Rev. Ken Green, Ms. Cindy Hammerstrom, Mr. TJ Hudge, Ms. Emma Loughrey, Rev. Robert Maulella, Rev. Terry McKee, Rev. Kevin Ogle, Mr. Jim Reynolds, Mr. Robert Whitlach

3 thoughts to “Emergent Leader Participants

  • Jay Winters

    Praying for the new class of EL participants. It was a great time of growth for me, I pray that the Spirit uses this time as a growth for y’all as well.

    • Kurt Bickel

      Thanks Jay,
      There are some really great leaders in this group. I have this dream of bringing all participants together have having them talk with each other about what God is doing through their leadership as it continues to emerge.

  • Dean Pfeffer

    Praying for all involved in the new class.. leaders and participants. What an awesome time of growth for all! Blessings,


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